Some Proof That The Law of Attraction Works!!

If you’re looking for satisfaction, I have proof – Law of Attraction

First of all, I would like to just announce that I have been offered a veterinary neurology residency position at a private practice in North Florida. I am definitely going to accept the job and I start on July 8, 2013. If you remember…becoming a board certified veterinary neurologist was #11 on my list of goals that WILL occur in my life (posted on March 28, 2013). Attaining this residency position is a HUGE step towards that goal. This is a 3 year intensive on-the-job training program essentially at the end of which I will become a board certified veterinary neurologist. The way this position came about was NOT normal and straight-forward and it is proof that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS at work – whatever you devote your thought energy to sends out vibrations into the universe and effects the universe in such a way that those things are brought to you. Following is the storied proof of how this position came about for me.

In June of 2012 I started a small animal general rotating internship. I was interested in emergency, so my first month-long rotation was in overnight emergency. During this rotation, I saw a lot of neurology cases (seizing dogs and a lot of spinal cord injuries, etc.). This got piqued my interest in neurology. I subsequently did my elective month rotation in neurology. At the end of this rotation, I knew that I was VERY interested in neurology. The neurologist actually approached me at the end of the rotation, said I did well and was asking if i was interested in applying for neurology residencies (I NEVER mentioned these plans to him before). I then applied to 10 programs through the match program. When results came out on February 4, 2013 I was not chosen for a position. I remained positive and was thankful for the opportunity I had to apply. The next day, my current job developed a neurology internship (one year preparation program), which did not previously exist and had asked me if I would like to do it. Of course I agreed.

I was planning on doing this when in Mid-may, a random e-mail was sent out over the veterinary neurology mailing list – a neurology practice in North Florida was looking for a veterinary neurology resident. The neurologist I was planning on working this upcoming year forwarded the e-mail to me and recommended that i apply. I sent in my CV and Letter of Intent. The hiring neurologist in North Florida called all of my references (and a surgeon that he personally knew at my current practice) and talked to them about me. Based on what they had to say, he invited me for an interview. I happened to have two consecutive days off (since I was getting ready to start overnights) and I was able to go down for an interview. During the interview I learned that the position came open because the practice was a 3 neurologist practice but one of the neurologists decided to start a business up north with a friend of his. The practice was too busy for 2 neurologists, but not busy enough to justify hiring a third one, so they advertised for a resident. The interview went great. They mentioned that they had 2 more interviews after me, but they would call within two weeks to inform me of their choice. The practice called me at the end of that week to offer me the position and I accepted it. They mentioned that one of the interviewees after me had a scheduling conflict and could not make it. The rest, as they say, is history.

This sequence of events serves as proof to me that The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS at work and our thoughts are energy that send out vibrational frequency that effects the universe around us in a very real way to attract the object of our thoughts into our lives. Think of how the universe began moving in all sorts of ways that led to me being in this position:

  • First rotation was overnight ER
  • A lot of neurologic cases presented
  • Neurologist was willing to support me fully in pursuing residency
  • The neurologist at the practice in North Florida decided to leave to open his own practice
  • I didn’t get accepted to a spot originally
  • The e-mail ad went out
  • The neurologist where I work saw it and forwarded it to me
  • I was able to get 2 consecutive days off (RARE) to interview
  • One of the interviewees after me had a scheduling conflict

This is proof that the universe was moving based on my thought FAR IN ADVANCE of my plans to make this possible. Not to mention all of the little things that had to happen that I am not even aware of. This gives support to the fact that your job is to focus on WHAT you want and have faith. The universe will determine HOW it will come about. Also you must live in a spirit of gratitude, appreciation and love to send out positive vibrations.

If this story isn’t proof, I don’t know what is. I am excited for this journey, and I am excited for you to come along on this journey through my real life experiment with me!!


“We are all won.”


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